We’re huge fans of breakfast and brunch in our house, so waffles are basically always on the weekend menu. We chose to purchase the Cucina Pro Non-stick Waffler because it’s a great value, super simple, and is relatively compact compared to many other waffle irons. While it works great for making traditional Belgian-style waffles, we quickly began just tossing different batters (cake, muffin, cornbread) into it to see what would happen. The result? We eat waffled everything now. It’s actually pretty awesome. One of our favorites is waffled sticky rice patties shown in the photos here, as they’ve got a sweet sticky inside with a crispy buttery exterior. Just pair it with a sesame soy dipping sauce and you’ve got a fantastic appetizer or snack.

Besides being able to waffle basically everything within reason, it has a pretty easy to use browning turn dial for determining how long you want your waffles to cook, so you don’t have to deal with fussy touch pads when your hands are covered in waffle batter. The turn dial can be adjusted mid-way through cooking in case you want to change the cooking time. To make sure you never ever burn your waffles, this guy comes with one of the loudest “done cooking” alarms on a kitchen appliance we’ve ever encountered. While it can be, well, alarming, it’ll also make sure your Sunday brunch doesn’t end up looking like charcoal, so we consider it a plus.

The iron’s non-stick surface makes it so that there’s never any crusty waffle bits on the iron itself after you’ve made your waffles, which makes clean up super easy, and leaves more time for stuffing yourself with waffles. All in all, if you want an easy to use, great value, and consistent waffle maker, this one will fit the bill for sure.