I’ve tried a lot of tweezers in my day, and have learned that in this category, you get what you pay for. Go ahead and try that $5 pair of pliable ones, but in the end, they're going to give out quickly, frustrate you, and get tossed. I’ve found that the classic slant tweezer by Tweezerman is the right size and shape for all hand and finger sizes, with a tapered shape, promoting the perfect grip. The rubber stopper that it comes with is important to keep on the stainless steel tips when not in use to protect the ends and maintain the integrity of the tension.

"The right size and shape for all hand and finger sizes, with a tapered shape, promoting the perfect grip."

Speaking of the tips…they are super sharp! It’s incredibly easy to grab and remove stray hairs, and the best time to do so with minimal discomfort is after a hot shower or washing the area so that the pores are supple and open.

I get a lot of use out of my Tweezerman slant tweezers, and although you may balk at the price, here’s why it’s worth it: free sharpening! That’s right; just clean off the ends (which you should be doing regularly anyways, with rubbing alcohol), and send back to Tweezerman for free sharpening for the entire life of your tool. Once it starts to seem like it’s getting dull, which takes much longer than the average tweezer, you can spare it from the garbage dump and just get it re-sharpened, which means you get great longevity out of the product and save money from having to completely replace them. (Note: I’ve found that it takes up to two weeks to get them back).

Last, I love that the brand focuses on these kind of tools, so you know you are getting a quality item, and infuses them with a distinctive, fashion element thanks to a variety of colors, prints, and limited edition collaborations you can choose from to adorn your tweezers (this pair is from the Color Sensation Collection). Go wild with animal print, or feminine with a polka dots design. I appreciate any attempt to make the act of tweezing a bit more fashionable and glamourous!