I know that this seems way low tech, but I think that everyone has their own preference for what they think of as among their favorite tools. And, especially when it comes to tools, Occam was right – the simplest solutions, given several, is usually the best.

Cool Tools already mentions the lifetime warranty that Sears offers on their hand tools, but this 6″ flat blade screwdriver is small enough to hide away in a pocket and work on smallish jobs, but big enough to pry, gently scrape, lever, and of course, screw in a variety of screws with a large enough handle to provide the leverage that’s needed.

I like it because it is well balanced, not too large and useful for many different jobs around the house and the print shop. The 1/4-inch blade seems to hit a sweet spot when to comes to many non-Phillips screws.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Neil Salkind