I purchased this Chicago Electric (read: “Harbor Freight”) tool 3 years ago to clean up some cuttings I made on a sheet of expanded metal I used to build a car top carrier. Since then I have used it for any number of projects. The little unit is fairly lightweight, the belts are easy to change, and it works like a plow horse, unending and never overheating.

You can change the angle through 360 degrees of rotation and the half-inch width gives you a way to reach into tight spots. And its cheap. At $33 it has lasted me through easily a dozen projects and it just keeps working. Harbor Freight stores are all over the place, so buying one retail shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t honestly say all their tools are the best. Definitely read the reviews before you buy any of their tools. But this and their 1″ belt sander, which I also own and use, have been real work horses, and cheap to buy. In my mind that makes it a cool tool. I also have a Harbor Freight bought drill press that has lasted longer than the Ryobi drill press it replaced.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Stephen Young