I was all packed the night before my cross-country trip, having just *barely* managed to zip the suitcase closed…when I noticed the fabric was separating from the zipper in places. Horrors! Fortunately, I was still at home and could grab my heavy-duty upholstery thread and needle, and quickly made a sturdy repair, which has lasted for many months since.

Now, I always carry an upholstery needle and a length of heavy-duty thread with me in a small needle case when I travel….’cause you never know!

Heavy-duty thread is good to keep around in any case—you can use it to make repairs on upholstery, shoes, leather-goods, etc., when regular sewing thread would be inadequate. Dental floss will do in a pinch, but it’s not nearly as strong. Note that for some repairs, you may also want to use a leather thimble (or another grippy material, not just metal), since with heavy fabric (or leather), a wider needle, and thicker thread, the needle may be difficult to pull through.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Barbara Dace