As the mom of three, I’m always looking for better ways to organize the snacks in our pantry. I’ve tried all the most popular food storage containers, but stopped in my tracks when I saw this Snapware Airtight Plastic Food Storage Container with Fliptop Lid  in the store. It was exactly what I’d been looking for all these years and it checks all the must-have features on my organizing container checklist.

"I’ve been using these containers for over two years and still love them. I’m a tough grader and I give them a high A"

We’re a military family that moves every one to three years. I never know how much (or how little) room our next house will have. I also never know what environmental challenges (bugs, humidity, more bugs) we’ll face in our next location. Because we move every year or two, I only invest in quality storage containers that have the best chance of surviving the next move (I’ve spent too much money on cheap storage containers that just ended up crushed in a move). Over the years, I’ve developed a list of must-have features for any storage container I purchase:

  1. I have found that square or rectangular storage containers maximize space on a shelf or in a closet and so those are the only shape containers I purchase.
  2. I also require that the containers be stackable to further maximize my limited storage space.
  3. I look for airtight containers to keep out bugs and humidity. This is a critical feature for food storage.
  4. I prefer clear containers so I can see the contents and how much remains in the container.
  5. I search for products that are Made in America. It’s important to me to support companies that choose to manufacture here and employ American workers.

The Snapware container met all my must-have criteria, but the feature that excited me most was the fliptop lid. It makes it easy to open and close the container and that means my kids can get their own snacks. The fliptop lid is easy to close so I know my kids can put the snacks away on their own with the airtight lid closed.

My family likes these containers because the large opening makes it convenient to get your snacks out of the container (without wrestling to pull your handful of snacks out of the mouth of the container). The large opening also makes it easy to refill the snack container without removing the lid

I’ve been using these containers for over two years and still love them. I’m a tough grader and I give the Snapware Airtight Plastic Food Storage Containers with Fliptop Lid a grade of a high A.