I am big into outdoor activities, one of them mainly being mountain biking. While biking I tend to get dirty, I mean downright filthy. With puddles and rivers and dirt, etc. You get the point.

What do I do when I get to my car, with cloth seats, and I am covered in mud? I have tried towels, and chamois but still I track dirt into my car seat.

Enter, the Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap. Okay, looks like a towel with a belt, right. Well yes that is exactly what it is, but it’s awesome. The towel stays secure to my hips as I adjust in the car, and I keeps the dirt and mud off my seats.

Pretty simple, yeah, but supper useful. This thing beats the pants off a towel, just folded around my waist. Sure, it might not be your thing. But for me it is all about the utility.

See you on the open trails.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Alex Pollock