There are so many cleansing systems that have entered the market in the past six years, and after trying a handful of them, I always go back to my Clarisonic. Although there are four different models the brand offers, ranging in price from $99-$265, I’ve found that the $99 Mia 1 version has everything that you’ll come to need in an electronic cleansing brush.

Why would anyone want to use a brush of this caliber to clean at all?

There are several reasons as to why this brush is helpful: it will give you a deeper cleanse than just using your hands, the quick moving bristles will give you a light exfoliation so that pores remain open, and it makes the skin more receptive to lotions, creams, and serums afterward.

"A small price to pay for great skin, if you ask me!"

In the almost six years that I’ve had mine, I’ve found that it holds a charge super well (all models are rechargeable), letting me get through at least one month without having to put it back on the charging dock, and is truly waterproof, since at times, I’ve accidentally left it in the shower for days on end.

Clarisonic is a leader in the market for this kind of face-cleansing tool, and theirs certainly proves to be sturdy, durable, and efficient. Once activated, a built in timer allots one minute for you to wash your face, recommending that you move it in a circular motion and spend 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 on the nose and chin, and 10 seconds per cheek. This way, you never overdo it on washing a particular area, but if you need more time, you can just press the button again for another one-minute allotment.

Although it comes with a charger, brush head, and facial soap as part of the initial purchase, you can use any kind of face soap you like. I’ve found that for drier skin, like mine, a creamy cleanser works best, and for more oily skin, you may want to opt for a gel formulation. The Mia 1 comes with one speed, called speed 2, and is considered the universal one for all skin types. If you have, let’s say, sensitive skin, you can modify your brush head for that purpose. Other options include brush heads for acne, deep pore, or luxe cashmere with long soft bristles. The brand recommends replacing your brush head every three months, but I’ve gone much longer than that and my brush holds up just fine; it really depends on how frequently you plan on using the brush.

After you’re done cleansing, run it under some warm water to remove any remaining soap, and that’s it! It’s a super-easy, low maintenance device, and I probably spend no more than two minutes total on the entire routine. A small price to pay for great skin, if you ask me!