Cast iron has been around forever but, unfortunately, kind of dropped off during America’s whole non-stick skillet phase. Well, the 90s are over and cast iron everything is back in a big way, especially cast iron skillets.  This dark, heavy kitchen tool is one of our absolute favorite things we own. Not only is it beautiful, it also creates the perfect sear on meats, provides a great surface for frying eggs, and can easily be transferred from stovetop to oven and back again with no problem.

One of our favorite uses for our Lodge cast iron skillet is actually pretty unusual: skillet cake. Skillet cakes are exactly what they sound like, a cake… made in a skillet. They’re basically the fastest way of making a cake when you’ve got a sweet tooth and, bonus, you get to just scoop it out of the skillet and top with ice cream, no fancy or cute decorations required. Let’s just call it “rustic.”

Though we own a few different sizes of skillet, we find the 10” skillet to be the one that gets the most use. It’s just large enough to accommodate cuts of meat such as steaks and chicken breast, but also the appropriate size for frying a few eggs or just cooking a burger or two. In short, it’s the perfect “medium” size multi-use skillet.

Though there’s a lot of culinary drama around “seasoning” a cast iron skillet, we’ve found maintenance and care to be extremely easy. After each use we just use a scoring pad and a super tiny amount of dish soap to clean off the surface before immediately drying it over an open flame (you can also use a cloth napkin if you only have access to an electric stove) and wiping it down with a dab of vegetable oil to keep it seasoned.

We’ve had our Lodge 10” Cast Iron skillet for only about three years, though many folks will tell you good quality skillets such as this one can be kept for decades, so, talk about a good investment!