“I use [this mic] for a lot of podcasting on the go, recording intros. I’ve used it in airplane bathrooms, in parks. I’ve used it while walking. That, in a lot of respects, explains why it is so useful. … It is a completely self-contained mic and recording system. In other words, you don’t have all these separate components. It looks like a thick hand microphone. It’s from Germany. … It’s just incredibly pristine audio that I use for just about everything. … I don’t know technically why it produces such good audio. In fact, I’ve had audio engineers look at the specs, and they will also ask me, in some cases, if they’re editing my stuff, “Which studio did you record this in?” I’ll say, “I was actually walking down the sidewalk, like a sandwich in 1 hand, recording this on the way to the park.” It just blows their mind.”

-Submitted to Cool Tools by Tim Ferriss