A few years ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to do a cleanse. Being the research junkie that I am, I spent several days researching the different types of juicers on the market to decide which one would be best for us. The most important thing for me was that the juicer would extract a quality juice for a reasonable price. My research showed that masticating juicers, or low speed juicers, would produce the highest quality juice. It came down to the Champion and Omega brands, and the Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Low Speed Masticating Juicer won out.

"What’s really cool about the Omega J8005 Nutrition Center is that it’s actually more than a juicer."

It processes at 80 rpm. When you look at most other types of juicers, they process at anywhere from 1,650 to 15,000rpm. Keeping the speed low keeps the nutrients and enzymes intact and prevents oxidation. This means that you can keep juice from the Omega J8005 Nutrition Center in the fridge for up to 3 days without it degrading. We typically drink it right away though because it’s so tasty.

I love how well it extracts juice as well. The motor is really strong at the equivalent of 2 HP. Since it has a dual stage juicing process (it crushes the produce, then squeezes the juice out), you can juice all types of vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and even wheatgrass. The pulp is always pretty dry after the juice is extracted.

What’s really cool about the Omega J8005 Nutrition Center is that it’s actually more than a juicer. You can use it to make all types of nut butters, baby food, almond milk and pasta. It can also be used as a food processor or to grind coffee beans.

It fits right under my kitchen cabinets with no problems at all. It has a narrow profile (14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”), so even in my very small kitchen, we’re able to keep it at the ready on the counter.

I have also found the Omega J8005 Nutrition Center to be very easy to clean as long as you clean it right away. If you wait to clean it, cleaning the juice screen can be a bit of a challenge. It comes apart and goes back together very quickly.

Overall, I am very pleased with my Omega J8005 Nutrition Center. It comes with a 10-year warranty, which is pretty great. We’ve had ours for about three years now and I don’t see myself purchasing another juicer.