As the name implies, the British go-to makeup brand for eyes, Eyeko specializes in products, and tools for this specific area, keeping a tight, curated offering of mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow gel and liner, hydro gel eye patches, false eyelashes, and an eye lash curler.  This review focuses on the latter, which if you have limp, thin, or straight lashes, or really just love a wider, brighter eye look.

If you’ve tried lash curlers in the past, most tend to look and feel…clinical, more akin to some sort of medical torture device than beauty enhancer. Eyeko’s version makes tiny updates to take away the scare factor and up the glamour quotient and ease of use, thanks in part to its curved handles that allow a comfortable resting point for your fingers on top of a velvet cover.

"Eyeko’s curlers make tiny updates to take away the scare factor and up the glamour quotient and ease of use"

The cover allows for a much better grip, enabling precision and accuracy of the lash press. Sometimes when holding an eyelash curler, you want to patiently hold it in place, and the sheer act of doing so can cause hands to get a bit sweaty, however this plush textile covering the handles absorbs that nervous perspirations o you never lose your grip.

The hinges of the curler move smoothly so that there’s no catching or quick snap-backs, literally the last thing that you would want to happen when you have your lashes in a vice-like situation a centimeter from your eyes.  Although you can get an eyelash curler for $2 at Walgreens, it’s worth investing in something that’s built to last, looks great on  your vanity, and works seamlessly while giving you a luxuriously curled set of lashes.

A few general lash-curling tips from the pros:

  • Always curl lashes before applying any sort of primer, conditioner, or mascara; adding makeup to your lashes first will cause any eyelash curler to hold onto your precious lashes, causing damage and possibly even ripping them out!
  • When curling lashes at the base, slowly, cautiously close the clamp for the first curl, making sure you aren’t too close and pinching the sensitive lid skin. Curl it again at the base, then move up to curl in the middle, and finally at the end of the lash for the ultimate opened up look.
  • Be sure to change out your rubber pads every three months, especially if you’re using the eyelash curler every day. Usually the rubber pad cushions are a standard size, which you can pick up replacements at any mass drug or beauty supply store such as or Ulta.