We spend a lot of time in our kitchen slicing, dicing, chopping, butchering, deboning, etc. There’s no one knife that can do all of that well, but lucky enough for us (and for you, we suppose!) Wusthof has a 10-piece knife set that carries the basics of what you need for a well rounded and efficient kitchen. There are no bells and whistles here - just reliable, strong knives that can do basically any kitchen task you’ll need to accomplish, all packaged in a beautiful little wooden storing block.

The set contains a paring knife, a peeling knife, two utility knives, a small serrated knife, a large serrated bread knife, a chef’s knife, kitchen shears, and a steel sharpener.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the steel sharpener, as even the world’s best knives only perform well when they’ve been taken care of. While some folks recommend sharpening after each use, we’re super lazy and that’s not happening. Typically, we’ll sharpen the knives all together one time per week. The difference between a freshly sharpened knife and a dull knife is insane, and if you want to get perfectly elegant slices, you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of the 9” steel sharpener that comes in this block set!

The paring knife is the perfect tool for small detailed jobs like deveining shrimp and making intricate incisions. The peeling knife is great for removing the skin from vegetables and fruits. The two utility knives can take care of basically any smaller kitchen task, while the grand-daddy of the set, the chef’s knife, is perfect for chopping large amounts of vegetables and protein. The smaller serrated knife is great for doing small slicing jobs on bread and meat, while the larger serrated bread knife is mostly meant for cutting apart loaves of bread and spreading condiments. The kitchen shears are strong and sturdy, meant for breaking apart chickens, cutting rope, and doing any other task that traditional scissors can’t accomplish. All of the pieces have a strong, durable handle, ensuring a sturdy grip you can always rely on.

We like to keep our block set out on the counter, resting atop our chopping block for a gorgeous, easy access butcher station in our kitchen. Oh, and don’t forget, these guys shouldn’t be run through the dishwasher as the high heat and pressure can cause the knives to become dull over time. Instead we recommend hand washing them with just a little bit of antibacterial soap and warm water, before drying with a cloth rag.