Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil is a tool that has been in my cooking tool box for more years than I can remember. While this specialty product has limited applications, I have so far found three highly satisfying uses; roasting vegetables, reheating pizza, and covering a cheese topped casserole for baking.

In all cases the foil eliminates a significant frustration, making it a delight to use. Roasted vegetables are a staple of my diet. (I particularly like to slow-roast sweet potatoes at 375° for 45 min. on each side. Try it!) Roasting vegetables enhances their flavor by converting starches to sugars, but charred melted sugar can be tough to remove from a pan, and if you line a pan with standard foil it will usually tear when removing the vegetables. Not so with the non-stick foil; tilt the pan and the vegetable will slide off.

I also like to make pizza, but reheating leftover slices unenviably results in sticky melted cheese oozing onto the pan, and with standard foil you end up with torn-off foil fragments attached to your slice. Yuk! Use this non-stick foil and your slices are guaranteed to be foil-free.

My third use of this foil is somewhat less compelling; having cheese stick to a foil casserole cover is far from a disaster. However, my frugal nature hates to delegate any cheese to the trash can. How non-stick is this? 100%! Nothing sticks to it! This is perhaps why there are no competing products; I can’t image another product being better than this.

Just for kicks I tried woodworking glue and Liquid Nails. No problem, they just peeled off. As far as the safety of the product is concerned, the Reynolds website states that the coating “is a proprietary food-safe coating that is … safe for food contact.” and that it “does not contain Teflon or PTFE …”. I’ll leave that for you to interpret.

What about costs? The Reynolds non-stick foil is roughly the same price per sq. ft. as Reynolds standard weight “sticky” foil when both are purchased in a 75 sq. ft. roll. However, if you buy Reynolds standard foil in a 200 sq. ft. roll, which I find a reasonable size, the price per sq. ft. drops in half, and if you buy a store brand of standard foil the cost difference is even greater. However, even with a cost of this foil at least double that of standard foil, with my sparingly use its utility far outweighs its premium price. Additionally, an added bonus is that this foil is “heavy duty”, and while Reynolds doesn’t specify thicknesses, it seems to be equivalent to their standard heavy duty foil.

Not often does a tool perform its designate task with perfection, but this tool does, and at an affordable price. Try out a roll!

Submitted to Cool Tools by Dave King