Our love for cocktails is no secret. Nearly half of our blog is devoted to cocktail recipes, we host a live weekly happy hour online, and our home bar is bursting with obscure liquors and liqueurs - we love it all! Making drinks together has become a way for us to bond and learn about the culture and history of cocktails around the world and has gives us the opportunity to try to perfect classics and come up with our own original recipes.

A huge part of making an amazing original cocktail recipe is using quality ingredients. Whether it’s a specific kind of whiskey, a certain flavor of cocktail bitters, or the correct drinking glass to enjoy it all out of, we want to do it right. That’s why we like to use large format ice cubes such as the ones made with Tovolo King Cube ice trays.

The reason behind this isn’t just because they look cool, which they totally do, it’s also about science! Most folks know that making - or “building” as professionals say - the perfect cocktail is about balance. A part of that balance is how much water dilutes the drink when you’re stirring or shaking the cocktail. You want just the right amount of dilution. Too little dilution and you’ll have a drink that is too stiff to drink, too much and you’ll have a drink that’s watery and lacks that boozy flavorful punch.

Large format cubes such as these give you precise control over how much water gets into the cocktail you’re making, as they won’t shatter or break in the cocktail and have a larger amount of surface area. If all of this is too scientific and you’re not really interested in being super particular with your booze, use these ice cubes because, yeah, they look pretty cool!