We have to admit, it took us a long while to buy an ice cream maker for the house. Between being lazy and having easy access to aisles full of Ben & Jerry’s, the idea of actually making ice cream at home seemed totally unnecessary and a hassle. One day, though, we decided we should probably just bite the bullet and give the whole ice cream thing a try. We ended up buying our Cuisinart ice cream maker pictured here because, honestly, we thought it was kind of pretty and it didn’t cost a whole lot. Well, it has absolutely made our lives better and a little more frozen.

First of all, making your own ice cream is way way way easier than we had anticipated. It just takes a few minutes of prep, a little stove time, and then the ice cream is off to the freezer. Second, we discovered we could make really amazing coconut milk-based ice cream that was just as creamy as regular full-fat dairy ice cream. Now we just make all of our ice creams dairy free, which can be pretty expensive to buy in stores. The Cuisinart Ice Cream maker is everything we wanted it to be: extremely easy to use, simple in design with just a few components, and cheap. We keep the freezer bowls used in the churning process in our freezer at all times, which saves a ton of cabinet storage space and means they’re always ready to start churning ice cream.

We use our ice cream maker about once a month and are always super pleased with the product. If you like the idea of making ice cream at home but don’t want a whole bunch of it lying around, we’d recommend breaking it out when you have company over and letting friends make their own flavor of ice cream. All you’ve got to do is have the ice cream base pre-made and chilled before company arrives, and then just let your friends toss in any flavors, extracts, or add-ins. It’ll be a party hit, we promise. Just have a few pre-made or store bought cones ready to go and you’ve got yourself an in-home ice cream parlor, which is like, the best thing ever!