If you want popsicles that look like they came from the store but taste so much better, the Norpro Ice Pop Maker is pretty great. It makes 10 popsicles at a time, in about 3-4 hours. While most popsicle molds come with plastic sticks that can be reused, the Norpro version is used with wooden sticks that you can buy at a grocery or craft supply store. This is good if you have kids like mine who aren’t great about returning plastic sticks for reuse.

Another benefit to having disposable sticks is that you can freeze a batch, unmold them and put them in a freezer bag, and freeze another batch. Then you’ll have plenty of popsicles on hand for hot summer days. I used to buy a lot of popsicles for my kids; now I can just pour some juice in a mold or experiment with fun flavors. One tip: be sure to let your popsicles partially freeze before inserting the wooden sticks, or the sticks may go a little sideways, making it difficult to take the top off the mold.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Abbie Stillie