I got a Sedona Food Dehydrator when my family went on the Whole 30 diet because we wanted to make our own additive-free snacks (like jerky and kale chips) at home.

Several years ago I owned a different dehydrator that had round trays that stacked on each other and had two modes – on and off. If food didn’t fit in their designated tray size, you couldn’t dehydrate it. It also didn’t have great circulation, so you would have to unstack it and change the order of the trays occasionally. These are common food dehydrator issues that are not an issue with the Sedona.

The Sedona has beautiful, large trays and many slots so you can adjust how far apart you space the trays if needed. You can also set the Sedona to dehydrate at a specific temperature and because circulation is great, you don’t have to move the trays around. It even has a divider you can use to dehydrate more efficiently.

If you don’t have enough food to fill the whole thing, that’s ok, too. Just insert the divider and run one of the fans and have your food ready without any wasted energy. It also has an automatic self shut off timer that you control so if your recipe is ready in the middle of the night, that’s ok. The Sedona will shut off and wait for you to come back in the morning.

It has features that let you do raw food “cooking”. I am not personally a raw foodie so I don’t use those features but it is nice to have it available if you are! Tribest has many videos available that explain recipes and how to use this feature.

My personal favorite things to make in it are jerky (beef and deer), kale chips and apple chips. The kale chips are so immaculately desiccated that they literally melt in your mouth. Kale! I didn’t even know that was possible. This is the only dehydrator I’ve used that can achieve that kind of texture in a kale chip.