My kids love to get involved in helping make dinner- but with six of them, sometimes there are just too many cooks in the kitchen! So it is really fun when we can incorporate a little cooking while we are eating- which makes fondue a perfect appetizer, entrée, or dessert for any meal! For years we used an old fondue pot that had been handed down from my parents- but when we noticed that the cord had started to fray, we decided it was time to purchase a new one. And with our large family, we wanted one with a pot large enough that it could easily support eight fondue forks cooking at the same time.

"The Cuisinart electric fondue pot is the perfect solution for our family!"

The Cuisinart electric fondue pot is the perfect solution for our family! I love how the electric cord only attaches to the temperature gauge via a magnet- so it easily breaks away if one of the kids happens to walk into the cord while cooking (yikes!). The 3-quart bowl leaves plenty of room when we are using all eight forks at once, and the slots in the outer ring allow each fork to rest in a place right along the rim of the bowl- so they don’t all just slide on top of one another. But the very best part might be the non-stick bowl- especially on nights when you fail to clean up right after dinner and the cheese hardens inside! With this bowl- it scoops right out! And the entire unit is dishwasher-safe, once you’ve unplugged the temperature controls (although I must admit since the base is attached to the pot, it makes is a bit difficult to actually fit in the dishwasher).

We love to make a traditional cheese fondue appetizer (Here’s my favorite recipe from Well Plated), or a chocolate fondue for dessert (super easy- here’s my recipe), but we tend to stay away from the hot oil or broth recipes to cook the entrée- mainly because my teen boys are too impatient (and too hungry!) to cook and eat just one morsel at a time!