I’m a big fan of this big fan.

I bought my first Vornado Air Circulator in 2007 and have had it running for THOUSANDS of hours. Not long after that I purchased a second one for another room — that too has run flawlessly for (what I estimate is) well over 7,000 hours.

At the low setting it emits a very quiet white noise that I find rather pleasant AND it works just as advertised: it keeps the air in the room moving/circulating.

The the big selling point (to me) is this: The Vornado, “Saves energy by maximizing the performance of heating and cooling systems. When you use a Vornado Air Circulator, you will not have to set your summertime thermostat as low or your wintertime thermostat as high.” (From the product guide.)

Yes. Affirmative. Ya. True.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Chuck Green