The cleanser device trend has been going strong for a few years, but what about considering something lighter, simpler, and all-natural instead?  The konjac sponge (pronounced cone-yak) is certainly a step above using just your hands or a washcloth to clean your face with the added benefit of a light exfoliation to unplug pores and clear away dead skin cells. It also helps with circulation and is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of skin. Konjac itself is a predominantly Asian vegetable fiber that has found its way into a tear drop shaped sponge form strictly for beauty purposes.

"It’s really such an easy, soothing way to cleanse."

It dries out and hardens up when not in use, making it a convenient travel partner, and like anything used daily, should be replaced after about a month of use. The best one that I’ve tested thus far is by EcoTools, priced around $5.99 and available in a deep cleansing (mixed with bamboo charcoal) or traditional (sensitive skin) formula. Curious?

Here’s how you use it:

  • Run the sponge under water (preferably warm) until it is completely saturated, soft, and squishy
  • Next squirt a dab or two of your favorite cleanser onto it – the texture lends itself to lather up very well. You could also get a good clean without anu additional product
  • After dampening your face, apply to your face in circular motions
  • Squeeze out, but don’t wring it. If you need to rinse off the cleanser make another pass around your face, but otherwise, give it a rinse and a squeeze and leave to dry in a place that is dry. (Don’t let it rest in your shower as it won’t ever full dry out.)

It’s really such an easy, soothing way to cleanse, quickly wiping away the day’s makeup and pollutants on your face. EcoTools’ versions are effective and affordable, something important to keep in mind when you should be replacing them frequently in order to avoid bacteria.