Nothing wakes me up more than a little bit of caffeine from espresso. It’s little kick always gets my morning started in the right direction. Add a little bit of foam to make it into a cappuccino. Or hot steamed milk to make a latte. You can even add a little bit of irish cream to really add flavor. I’m in coffee heaven!

This espresso machine has it all: two sieves to produce double shots of espresso, a frothing nozzle and a super clean and easy interface which makes brewing espresso fun. Some espresso machines are daunting and look like they belong in the cockpit of a spacecraft. This Capresso espresso and cappuccino machine is user-friendly with minimum buttons, making it almost too easy to brew a shot of espresso.

To brew a shot of espresso first fill the water reservoir, put the filter holder in place and add the ground coffee. Place your cups under the filter and wait for the green light to illuminate, letting you know that your coffee is ready to brew. Switch the dial to the cup symbol and fill your cup. When the cup is full, switch the dial back to the neutral position. That’s it! 

What to add some froth?

Pour some skim milk into a cup (skim milk or low-fat milk provides the most froth). Then place the frother in your cup of milk and turn the dial to steam. Your milk will begin to froth and thicken. Once you have topped your cup with froth just flip the dial and spoon the froth over the espresso. Add some warmed milk and you’ve got yourself a coffeehouse worthy cappuccino.