A couple of years ago, I embarked on a 50-lb weight loss journey after having my 3rd baby. I have a tendency to snack at night, so in order to curb my cravings all that time, I drank 2 cups of tea each night ( I still do!)

I used to use a traditional tea kettle on the stove or the microwave to prepare my tea, until one day a friend told me about electric kettles.

She told me they heat up enough water for several cups of tea within a couple minutes. I was spending way longer than that each night preparing tea for me & my husband, so I decided to give it a shot.

"There’s never a question about whether it’s on or off, and I was easily able to teach my toddler than the blue light = hot."

I found this Hamilton Beach electric glass kettle, and I can’t believe I spent my whole life making tea without one! This water kettle has been the best little kitchen gadget when it comes to heating up water fast.

We mostly use it for tea in the evenings, but I also find it comes in handy when I want a cup of tea in the afternoon, but need to run out the door for carpool. I love this kettle because I know, even with only a couple minutes to spare, that I can be out the door with a hot cup of tea in time to pick my kids up from school.

When the kettle is less than half way full of water, the water heats up in less than a minute. When it is more than half full, I’d say it heats up in about 2 minutes. It’s easy to clean because the kettle detaches from the base and the lid opens up all the way so you can fit your hand inside (I think this is so important because I never feel like I can completely clean anything I can’t reach).

My favorite feature (other than its speed) is the bright blue light you see when it’s in the heating up stage. There’s never a question about whether it’s on or off, and I was easily able to teach my toddler than the blue light = hot. Whenever he sees that light on, he steers clear of the counter, which gives me peace of mind!

I was a little hesitant to have something around that heats up water so quickly with little kids around, but the blue light indicator paired with the fact that it turns off automatically once the water is ready, makes me comfortable enough to have it on our counter.