Dutch ovens are definitely on trend right now, and we’re absolutely not mad about it. This gorgeous, simple, and multi-use tool can help complete any kitchen, both in appearance and with its ability to assist in cooking basically any recipe. We love using ours for braising meats and vegetables, simmering stock, and searing meat destined for the oven. Long story short, it can do pretty much anything, and it does it all very well!

The timeless design and bright red color of the cherry edition means this piece is always on display on our stovetop, even when we’re not using it. This saves on storage space and also helps add a much needed pop of color to our kitchen, seeing as most of our appliances are black or stainless steel.

Its versatility allows it to be used both on the stove top, over an open flame, and in an oven. It also comes with a securely-fit top that can be removed when you want steam let out, or snugly kept on during the cooking process to lock in flavor and moisture. The strong interior enamel lining doesn’t scrape as easily as many non-stick pots and pans, meaning you can stir stews and toss vegetables with confidence.

Our favorite method of using this guy is to brown pork loin on all sides before popping it in the oven to finish the cooking process. The strong handles on either side makes transporting this piece super easy - just wear some hot hands to protect yourself from the heat! The end result is an incredibly flavorful, juicy loin that will literally please any dinner guest.

The large body of this piece also works perfectly for serving warm ciders or mulled wines during the winter time! Just leave it on the stove over super low heat for the duration of a party or event (or just a Tuesday night in) and your favorite boozy punches will stay warm and cozy, filling the house with the smells of the holidays.