Imagine Warby Parker and Everlane got married, honeymooned in Venice, and had a child, which turned out to be a shoe. A beautiful shoe concieved in Italy and born with the best DNA from two of the best digitally native brands. That shoe would be named M.Gemi, and thrillingly this isn't just fantasy. While it's parents (founders) are actually the team that brought you RueLaLa and before that Lids (yes the hat store), M.Gemi a new digitally native e-commerce shoe brand just launched it's first line of Men's shoes, and they look fantastic. 

They've launched with just a handful of styles, but they've covered their bases with 8 styles of dress shoes and a few for more dressed-down looks. And, incase you're worried about matching your leathers, they've also conveniently included belts. 

Priced between $200 and $300, the shoes are not inexpensive, but for truly handcrafted Italian shoes, they're a steal. When you use my link, you'll recieve $25 off your first purchase (credit expires in October). 

I can only hope that this trend of vertically integrated brands delivering high-quality apparel at signifcant discounts to traditional brands continues.