My wife and I have been using these cutting boards (we actually have two side by side) for about a year now.

What makes them so great is that you can scrape your scraps — peels etc. — in to a hole in the front of the cutting board, below which is a metal tray. When that metal tray is full you can simply pull it out, carry it to the garbage, and throw everything in. It’s so much easier than either picking up all your peels off the cutting board and carrying them (often dripping) to the garbage, or else picking up the whole cutting board and tipping whatever is on top in to the garbage. There’s also a groove around the whole board, so whatever liquids end up on the board end up in the groove, which channels them in to the metal tray.

It’s superior to other cutting boards because a) it’s a thick, heavy board that’s going to last a lifetime and b) it’s got the removable tray. Lots of people comment on how well designed it is.

Submitted to Cool Tools by Julian Humphreys