There’s no doubt that there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to curling irons; heck, with a little practice, you can even use a flat iron to create waves! The best kind of iron to get for the most coveted, on-trend version of tousled waves is with a clipless iron, as it produces a more natural, lightly waved look. Think beach waves, opposed to defined curls, a look that works everywhere these days from the red carpet to the office, to…the beach! In my experience of testing out half a dozen of the high-end versions of this type of hot tool , the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron came out on top. It’s available in three different sizes (3/4” , 1” and 1 ½” ); choosing a size depends on your hair length and texture, plus how bouncy or loose you’d like your curls to be.

"...a look that works everywhere these days from the red carpet to the office, to…the beach!"

The ceramic barrel heats up ever so quickly (literally in 30 seconds), so there’s virtually no waiting time whatsoever for it to get hot, and when it does, the heat is evenly distributed for optimal waves. Speaking of heat, choose from between low, med, high, and the auto shut-off feature makes sure it’s safe to use, even when you’re in a tired stupor, by shutting off 30 minutes after use. That means you’ll never have to give in to that panicked “did I turn the iron off?” sensation of dropping everything you’re doing and returning home to double check.

The worst thing ever is to try to get yourself all gussied up with a glamorous ‘do, and end up burning yourself in the process. You can roll your hair around the iron without a glove, however it’s so much easier to put the heat resistant glove on instead so that you can hold the ends of your hair more easily in place on the iron. With the Sedu, you only need to hold the curl in place for about five seconds (the iron can heat up to 350 degrees; the time can vary based on hair thickness), which means you can even cut down on the time spent doing your hair- a MAJOR plus in my opinion!

Last, I hate the bulkiness of irons, never laying flush in a table or drawer after use, however the Sedu has a kickstand that cleanly fits inside the handle so that you can have the iron resting safely on it when in use, and otherwise, completely flat and more easily storable and portable.

Hair curling tips from the pros:

  • Preserve that curl by twisting your hair into large sections and securing in place with an elastic or bobby pins to set overnight. This way you will maintain the bounce and waves the next day, while minimizing the bed head effect. For a little extra volume and to absorb oils, hit your roots with a texture, sea salt, or dry shampoo on Day 2.
  • Always use a heat protectant when using a hot tool either built into another product you use like a mousse or volumizing cream, or use a specially designated heat spray to add an extra layer between your hair follicles and these hot devices to spare your hair from frizz and damage.