When I first saw these individual cast iron pans I fell in love. They are so adorable! My mind was racing with recipe ideas using these pans. A cobbler or perhaps a small pie. No wait! A hash! Yes, a sweet potato hash would go nicely in these pans.

Cast iron pans are very different than conventional frying pans. While most non-stick pans are made out of aluminum, these Lodge Miniature Cast Iron Skillets are made from cast-iron to ensure even and slow heat distribution. The skillets also come pre-seasoned, which is always something that scares people away from using cast iron skillets. The thing with cast iron is that they should not be cleaned with soap, which can be a tad unusual. The best way to clean these pans is to use a stiff brush and some water and scrub it. 

One thing to be careful for is that the entire pan and handle gets hot, rather than just the pan. The first few times I used cast iron I had to catch myself before I grabbed the handle with my hand. 

I really like the size of the pans because they are great for individual servings. You can bake up some cornbread or even brownies to serve in these  Lodge Miniature Cast Iron Skillets. Although they are not big enough to cook more than an egg, they are still fun to have in the house to serve with.