We’re obviously huge fans of Le Creuset products. That’s something we’ll have to state outright. As we’ve gushed about in our Dutch oven review and our saucier review, one of our favorite and most superficial benefits of owning Le Creuset products is how the pieces immediately elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen. Purchasing one of these pieces has the two-fold impact of both bringing color and elegance to your kitchen, while also being an exceptional culinary tool when it comes to preparing food. 

The saucepan, with it’s depth and well-rounded edges, is pretty much the classiest most “French country-side” way of making a sauce at home. Like, seriously, this is one of those pieces that you would’ve found in Julia Child’s kitchen, thanks to its status as a staple in French homes for centuries. We’ve found it useful not only for making classic French sauces such as bechamel, hollandaise, and espagnole, but also for sauces you’re more likely to find in our own kitchen, such as Italian marinara, Cajun roux-thickened brown gravy, and southern “red sauce.” The small size of this saucepan makes it perfect for preparing a sauce for just a few, all while minimizing the somewhat clumsy clean up of a larger pot. In addition, the small size of the pot makes for easy storage, and can even be hung from a kitchen rack; just make sure it is securely attached as its heavy weight would make for quite an alarming sound if dropped. 

When you’re not making dope sauces in this thing, it can also be used for cooking rice, boiling and poaching eggs, and stewing small quantities of meats and vegetables. Its tight-fitting heavy lid allows you to keep all of that moisture-saving steam in, giving you succulent meats and tender vegetables, as well as keeping in the heat for when you’re preparing grains or beans. 

This past weekend alone we used this saucepan to make curried lentils, stewed carrots, and a brown gravy, so like, yeah it definitely gets used on a nearly daily basis in our kitchen. Clean up is super simple, and we’d recommend just giving a gentle scrub with warm water and dish soap before drying it either with a dishcloth or placing it over the open flame of a gas stove. This piece is definitely a great addition to any kitchen stove top, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do!