This beautiful piece of kitchen equipment can do pretty much everything we’ve ever wanted from cookware - maybe besides, like, clean itself and also make food itself. On top of being incredibly versatile for use in the kitchen, it’s also a gorgeous aesthetic addition to our collection of kitchen wares. This is definitely the type of pan you want out on display, to give your kitchen that “oh, yeaaaaah, I’m fancy” look. We’d recommend you keep it out on your stove or kitchen shelf anyway, because besides it’s obvious benefit to your kitchen cred, you’ll likely be using it any time you cook!

Sauciers, if you couldn’t tell by the name, are generally used to make sauces, and this one does that wonderfully. First off, it’s got beautifully rounded edges that allow you to easily stir a spoon completely around the edges of the pan, making it more difficult for a thick sauce to burn.  In addition, the enamel-coated cast iron it’s made from is great for keeping a consistent temperature, so those difficult thick and/or tomato-based sauces that we used to completely screw up are now coming out just right.

But what makes this saucier especially awesome is its versatility, thanks largely to its size. It’s shallow with a wide base, which makes it able to double perfectly as a skillet. One of our favorite ways to use this piece is to braise meat first, like a few boneless chicken breasts with just a bit of butter, salt, and pepper. Then we remove the meat and use the juices left over as the base for a sauce to top it off with--just a bit of flour and stock gives you a beautifully thick and flavorful gravy, and you can make it right in this same perfect pan without ever taking it off the stovetop! That cuts our dish washing time in half and leaves more time for us to stuff our faces.