I love coffee, but sometimes my tummy doesn’t. The acidity in normal coffee was enough for me to put away my coffee mug, that is until I came across the OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker.  

What makes this coffee maker so different? Well, first off it is brewed cold which produces a low-acidic brew of coffee. The water is not hot enough to extract the bitterness and acidity of the ground coffee, thus results in a very aromatic and concentrated flavor. Second, because it produces a concentrated coffee, it stays longer and it’s perfect for coffee flavored recipes, like this coffee smoothie with cherries, giving that extra oomph of coffee flavor.

The OXO good grips cold brew coffee maker is really easy to use. First add about 10 oz (3 ½ cups) of ground coffee in the brewing container. I usually like to have some flavoring in my ground coffee (hazelnut lover here!). Then pour 40 oz (5 cups) of cold water in a circular motion into the rainmaker. My water is filtered out of my fridge but I think it just depends on your taste preference if you want to use filtered water. Once the water is distributed remove the rainmaker and stir the ground with a long spoon. 

Now comes the easy part (well hard if you want your coffee pronto!): let the coffee brew 12-24 hours. I find it the easiest if I make my coffee right around dinner time, that way it’s all brewed and ready when I wake up the next morning. Drain the coffee into the carafe and portion out the concentrate using the small cup (which doubles as a stopper for the carafe). One small cup (2 oz) of the concentrate must be diluted with 4-6 oz of water or milk. Store it in the fridge for up to two weeks and enjoy!