Can we tell you a secret? We’re really really really bad at getting out of bed in the morning. Like, we’d happily sleep past 10 a.m. every single day if that was socially acceptable and we had zero other responsibilities. Luckily, our favorite automatic coffee maker starts making our morning cup for us while we’re still asleep (!!!) and the aroma of the fresh brewed coffee wafting into the bedroom helps us start our day, before 10 a.m., usually. Oh, and to make our mornings run even more efficiently, this appliance can brew up to ten cups at a time, so there’s plenty for each of us.

In addition to its capacity and automatic coffee-brewing magical powers, this machine is sleek enough to keep out on the countertop at all times, which means no needing to waste cabinet storage space. Also, the dang thing lets you control how hot the warming plate is, so we always put it on low for lazy mornings around the house as to not “burn” the coffee, which gives it that gas station acidic coffee flavor. Sometimes we’ll even reheat coffee later in the morning by just turning the warming plate higher as to not let any of the coffee go to waste.

There’s a built-in removable mesh coffee grind strainer, so you won’t have to deal with purchasing those disposable coffee filters. It’s also got a self clean option, which saves time on clean-up and helps reach the nooks and crannies within the body of the coffee maker that traditional hand washing may miss. For regular cleanings, just run the strainer and removable insert through the dishwasher. As with most at-home coffee makers, you will achieve optimal coffee flavor and texture by using finely ground coffee beans as opposed to courser grinds.