Being the coffee-obsessed guys we are, we’ve started quite a collection of different coffee makers around our house. While we love our automatic drip brewing coffee maker, our Chemex holds a special place in our hearts and our counter top for being so aesthetically pleasing, almost like a work of art itself.

We don’t only love it for it’s looks, though, we’re not quite that shallow. It’s also fantastic at what it does: creating delicious mugs full of pour-over coffee. While some folks believe that pour over coffee is superior in taste to auto-drip coffee, we have found this really isn’t the case. Instead, we find factors such as the origin of the coffee grinds and the temperature of the water to be better determinants of quality. We enjoy our pour over for the ritual of it, and the pleasure of taking time to make a hand-crafted cup of coffee on a lazy morning. The Chemex allows you to control every aspect of your coffee, learning to perfect the subtleties of the brewing process to your exact liking. It’s something to have fun with and take your time to enjoy, which is why we love it so much.

The Chemex 6-cup pour over glass coffee maker has a capacity to make enough coffee to serve two or three, making it the perfect size for us. We’d recommend using unbleached filters, coarse organic coffee grinds, and water that has been heated just to about 200 degrees for an optimal cup of coffee. To brew the coffee, place the filter in the holder of your Chemex, add the desired amount of grinds (about ¼ cup is what we use for a full carafe) and slowly pour a small amount of water onto the grinds in a circular motion, working from the outer parts of the grinds to the center. Once you’ve wet the grinds just slightly, stop pouring the water and let the grinds “bloom” for thirty seconds before continuing with the rest of the water. Allow time for all of the water to make its way through the grinds before removing the filter from the top and serving.