Running a photography-heavy food blog makes the process of picking out bar and kitchen tools a job in and of itself. Not only do the items we select to use have to be amazing, but they also have to look amazing when shot with a professional camera. Given that we post about one cocktail recipe a week and have a maybe more than once-a-week cocktail habit, we wanted to make sure our shaking tin was on point. Cocktail Kingdom’s Set of Two “Koriko” Shaking Tins does the job perfectly. This shaker set is an amazing value and easy to use, all while being gorgeous both when resting in our home bar and when being shot for the blog. Seriously, these are a perfect way to look like a cocktail pro!

This type of two-part shaker is known as a “Boston shaker,” and is what gets used in most professional bars. It’s got a large drink capacity and allows for individual drinks to be made with extreme ease and at a fast pace. When using this shaker, you’ll want to build your drink in the smaller tin, before firmly pressing the larger tin on top of it to create a suction. Give it a good shake - once the tin begins to frost you’ve done the job - before setting it back down on the counter-top and giving it a whack on the side to break the suction and release the tin. Just strain the cocktail into your glass and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget that unlike some shakers, this design doesn’t come with a built-in strainer, so make sure to have one on hand for when you’re done shaking your cocktail. Oh and bonus - these guys are totally dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze and giving you more time for enjoying your cocktails!