When you buy a product with the Yeti name on it, you know it is going to keep things cool, for a really long time.  When my husband's birthday came around, I decided to buy him a Yeti Rambler, because I know how much he loves his Yeti cooler.  Since then, he has carried the cup with him every single day.   I am pretty sure it is his favorite present I have ever bought him.

Side note: I have since purchased one for myself, and am equally impressed.

"They're incredibly durable and they're highly efficient at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold"

The Yeti Ramblers are made with 18/8 stainless steel, which means 2 things: they're incredibly durable and they're highly efficient at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. When my husband first got his Yeti Rambler, he filled up his cup with ice water around 8 in the morning. He took it to work, refilled the cup with water (never adding more ice) throughout the day, and was impressed at the end of the day when there were still ice cubes left.

He was floored when those same ice cubes were still there the following morning! The ice cubes stayed for more than 24 hours, and this was in July. The cup does an equally awe-inspiring job at keeping hot beverages hot!

The Rambler is tough as nails. The stainless steel material can endure quite a beating and still hold up strong. It is BPA-free, and comes with a shatter-proof and dishwasher safe lid. The cup itself is warrantied for 5 years.


It is made with a sweat-free design, so your ice cold beverage will not leave any rings on furniture, making it the perfect cup to bring to bed in the evenings.

The Rambler is a bit of an investment, as it does cost more than your typical travel mug, but it is one of those products that is worth the money. I suspect my cup will last a lifetime. The Ramblers come in 20oz and 30oz sizes, perfect for coffee, tea, water, or whatever your daily drink is.