Wave goodbye to those days of half-crushed ice in smoothies and chunky “pureed” soups. Say Hello to The Ninja Master Prep Professional, a blender with a totem pole of blades to blend your fruits and veggies into the smoothest smoothie this side of the Mississippi. 

What makes this product different than conventional blenders is two things: multiple blades and the power unit is located at the top of the blender rather than bottom. The Ninja Master Prep Professional comes with three interchangeable containers: a 48 oz Pitcher which is used primarily as a blender, a 40 oz Processing Bowl which is used as a food processor and a 16 oz Chopper Bowl for your small amounts of food like dips and chopping ingredients like onions and garlic. There is one interchangeable motor which fits on each container, making it easy to handle and uses less space than three separate machines.

One of the things I hate most about conventional blenders is the little air burp that happens when you are blending your smoothies. This mostly happens when the ice crushes and little air pockets get caught in between the blades. This however is non-existent problem with a Ninja blender because multiple blades cut through the food or drink thus eliminating air bubbles.

The Ninja Blender is also versatile, transforming into a food processor easily and effortlessly. Recently I used my Ninja to grind up lamb to make my own ground lamb for a shepherd’s pie recipe. I first chopped up the meat into cubes and froze it. After the meat was frozen I  then added it to the Ninja. I pulsed the blades a few times and the meat was chopped and ground as if I bought it straight from the butcher.

Overall the Ninja Master Prep Professional is a great buy and is very useful in my kitchen.