Like you I’ve heard all about the health benefits of juicing. How all of the good stuff from the fruits and veggies are funneled directly into your body via the juice. But the biggest enticement for me to want to try it was that I had also heard that lots of people were juicing to lose weight, and it was working for them. (And truly- what Mom out there isn’t still trying to lose “those last 10 pounds”?) But there was one thing that stopped me in my tracks. I, um…. hate veggies.


And then my brother- who is also a confirmed “veggie hater” told me that he bought a juicer and had come up with a concoction of strawberries, bananas, spinach, kale, apples, and carrots that actually tasted good! I was intrigued, and during our next get-together- I asked him to make me one of his juice drinks. And I was hooked! But the juicer he was using seemed to waste a lot of the green stuff. He would feed it in- and most of it would be tossed into the garbage collection bin with just a small amount of juice being extracted. So I went home and did my own research- and that’s when I came across the NutriBullet juice extractor.


The NutriBullet is a super-speed blender that breaks down and pulverizes foods and extracts all of the vitamins and good stuff out of your fruits and veggies. And makes it completely smooth and drinkable! And the best part- is that I am using the whole thing- no kale or spinach is wasted. The other great thing about the NutriBullet is that there is one small part to clean up- the extraction blade. And all it takes is a good rinse. And There are tons of recipes included in the NutriBullet book that comes with the juicer, as well as two cups and two types of blades that you can use for different types of juicing/extracting.

I am using the whole thing- no kale or spinach is wasted.

With the NutrilBullet- you are eating real, healthy food (or drinking it anyway) which is something you can continue to do long after you’ve said goodbye to those last 10 pounds you’ve been wanting to lose. But the most important thing is that I have a found a way to add a whole lot of good fruits and veggies to my daily diet- and I know this is something I can stick with!