I bought this on impulse at an outdoors store while I was waiting at the register. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I’ve vocally gushed about how much I like everything about it to anyone I know who carries a water bottle.

For years I carried a Klean Kanteen bottle. I liked that I could put ice in it and, while I couldn’t get my hand in there, it was accessible enough for cleaning. Not until a coworker with one of those narrow-mouthed stainless steel bottles pointed out that the Klean Kanteen bumped one’s nose when drinking from it did I find that annoying.

Along the way I picked up a Nalgene bottle with a bite valve cap. Same advantages of a wide-mouth bottle but the benefit of a different method of drinking. I liked the bite valve most of the time but not all of the time, and I didn’t have confidence when it came to tossing the bottle in my bag.

Then I lost my Klean Kanteen. Too cheap to buy another bottle, I stuck with the Nalgene. When I saw the capCAP and all its purported advantages, I was sold. Imagine how tickled I have been to discover that everything about it is just as humangear claims.

I can drink through the small spout without spilling water all over myself plus there’s plenty of room for my nose. I can carry the bottle easily by the strap between the lid and the cap. I can take off the lid to add ice and clean the bottle. And I can transport the bottle in my laptop bag without worrying that it will leak. The only thing I haven’t tried is removing the cap while gloved but that’s only because it’s still summer (and I hadn’t even thought of that).

Submitted to Cool Tools by Sacha Brady