Bar carts manage to make any living area feel simultaneously elegant and cozy, which is a hard thing to do! We fell in love with this Terrace Bar Cart from West Elm, and continue to just stare at it with awe to this day. It’s gorgeous, with a touch of Midcentury Modern elegance, a fad that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

It’s got incredibly clean and sturdy mirrors as shelves, strong and shiny brass legs, and wheels that roll super smoothly. We typically park this guy in our living room to create a lounge feel, but for dinner parties we roll it into the dining area so that guests can easily help themselves to a cocktail, if they’d like. For events like this, it’s best to just store the ingredients for one cocktail on the top shelf, with a little handwritten note card for instructions on how to make it. It’s kind of a fun subversive way to engage your guests while actually just reducing your workload while you’re trying to entertain everyone. 

It took us a while to invest in a bar cart, but after taking the leap we’ve realized we should have done it so much sooner as it acts as a functional and useful piece of furniture, while also acting as a piece of art. When this piece is parked in our living room, we prefer to keep our nicer bottles of liquor on the top display with our glasses and bar tools, while storing mixers and less unique alcohols down below. Sometimes we’ll even dress the whole thing up with cut flowers or seasonal decorations. 

If you’re not really big on the whole cocktail thing, keeping a few bottles of wine or just one or two bottles of liquor on this piece with a few of your favorite books is still a great way to dress up a living area!