Can we just all agree that decorating a cake is actually incredibly difficult? Regardless of what the images on the cover of cake mix boxes depict, cake decorating is definitely one of those situations where anything that can go wrong absolutely will. Whether it’s a cake covered in it’s own crumbs, a lopsided frosting job that looks like you sent the whole thing through the microwave, or some really messed up icing letters, we’ve definitely created our fair share of tragically decorated cakes. Oops!

While it’s true that we’ve finally figured out the best frosting recipe for cake decorating (hint: keep it thin and whip it really, really well) we have to give a good bit of the credit for our improved cake decorating skills to this Ateco Revolving Cake Stand. It’s a fantastic piece to own. It’s simple, incredibly inexpensive, and can easily be stored away in a pantry or cabinet when not in use. 

As the name implies, this thing rotates a full 360 degrees, meaning you can keep your hands steady and move the section of the cake you’re attempting to decorate to the best and most comfortable position for you. The rotation is very smooth, which allows us to easily frost whole cakes and create beautiful decorative rings by slowly rotating the stand while piping icing onto the cake. 

The stand sits 4” high and the base itself is 11” in diameter, meaning it easily accommodates traditional 9” cakes with a little extra room on the sides. We generally lay strips of parchment paper underneath the edges of the cake, so that once we are done frosting it we can simply pull the parchment paper away and be left with a totally icing-free cake stand.

We find keeping the base free of all icing and decoration smudges to be key for presentation, as this piece of equipment works perfectly fine as a serving platform for your cake, meaning you don’t need to transfer it to a cake stand once you’ve decorated it. We’ll often just jazz up the base of the stand with some flowers, edible confetti, or fresh fruit.

If you’re interested in creating beautifully decorated cakes, or just want to make a cake that doesn’t look completely messed up, we’d recommend investing in this cake stand!