The Baby Brezza baby food maker is my top pick for busy families that want to make their own baby food. Unlike traditional methods of preparing baby food - steaming, adding water, and then blending - the Baby Brezza is a one step process that controls for any error and basically eliminates mess. This product came highly recommended to me by an experienced nanny, and now it's at the top of my “ the best gift you can give a friend expecting their first baby” list.

While traditional methods of making baby food may seem simple, let me tell you, it is a process. If you're a busy family or you have a nanny whose day with your child is already jammed packed, you'll want to invest in this product. Forget worrying about watching the stove, and for those that might be a bit culinarily challenged, you don’t even have to worry about messing up your recipe by over cooking or adding too much water. Also, the Baby Brezza is BPA/ Phthalate free, so no harmful chemicals will make their way into your child’s food.

"If you are looking for a product that will make your baby food while you clean the house or put your baby down for a nap, this is the one."

The basket has two positions, up and down. If you are steaming and blending you start in the “up” position and if you are just blending you keep in the “down” position. Once you have made that decision, you refer to the manual for steam time and the amount of water you will need depending on your fruit or veggie. After using it enough (and trust me you will use it all the time) you'll have this information memorized. Simply peel and roughly chop your fruit or veggie into ¼ inch pieces, toss in the basket and press “steam + blend” . Depending on amount of time you need to steam your produce, press the button until the blue light matches up with the corresponding time, which is indicated to the right in 5 min increments. Once the machine has finished steaming it will blend automatically. Because the machine steams and blends in the same container, the nutrients leached out in the steaming process are in the water that is used in the blending process and end up right back in your child’s food!

The Baby Brezza also offers the option of only steaming or blending. This is a great feature because if you have children at different stages of development, you can steam vegetables and then take out a portion for your little one eating solids before pureeing the rest.

This is my favorite baby food maker because it is the easiest to use. While others require you to manually blend or transfer out water, the Baby Brezza is a one step process for amazingly fresh food. So, if you are looking for a product that will make your baby food while you clean the house or put your baby down for a nap, this is the one. You can also make pretty large batches of food to store for later use. At just under $75 on Amazon, your Baby Brezza will pay for itself when you no longer have to buy expensive pre-made food at the grocery store. Best of all, you will know exactly what is going into your child’s food and eliminate preservatives and fillers from their diet.