I make gluten free food affordable (and tasty!), share frugal living tips, DIY projects, and farm life insights.

Hi! I’m Elise. A Christian, farmer’s wife, and mom of two rambunctious little people. They’re crazy. No joke.

I’ve always kinda been a frugal gal, but after having kids, budgeting, saving money, and investing became much, much more important to me. It’s funny how having kids forces you to think about the future, and all the “what if” scenarios.

Despite my natural frugal bent, I don’t believe that being a tightwad is an end in and of itself. Rather, saving money where possible, is a means to an end. It’s being a good steward. It’s being wise with our resources. It’s being able to save back for the future – for that inevitable “what if” scenario called getting older. 

So I started this blog, The Frugal Farm Wife, because I wanted a place to talk about saving money. 

One of my favorite ways to save money is through super cheap recipes. Having a background in gourmet baking, being married to a man with celiac disease was a shocking experience. I just could. not. believe. how expensive, and frankly, disappointingly NOT gourmet gluten-free food was.

It’s been my delight to develop super cheap flour mixes, and super delicious recipes with which to use them. Even after five years of gluten-free cooking, I still squeal with delight at each batch of cookies or perfect loaf of bread that comes out of the oven. Almost nothing makes me as happy as good food. That’s probably to the detriment of my waistline, but all the emails and notes I receive from people who have been helped by my recipes and gluten-free baking strategies make that okay.  

As you probably gathered from the name up top, we’re not just about food and frugality. 

Living on an ecologically sustainable farming homestead is full of adventures. I’ve come to love making everything I can from scratch. All the way from homemade tallow and lard, to candles, and lotions. Some of that is motivated by using everything we have of course, but that’s really only half of it. Making natural, healthy alternatives to chemical-filled and highly processed stuff is thrilling! I love getting share it all with you.