Helping you spend more time at the table and less time in the kitchen!

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m the writer, recipe developer and photographer at COOKtheSTORY. This site is a place for busy people who love to cook. I started out as a not very busy person who loved to cook. Now that I’m much busier I’ve had to find ways to fit that love of cooking into my life. I share those ways, the things I’ve learned and the recipes I’ve stumbled into, here on COOKtheSTORY.

I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I mean A LOT. Before we had kids, back when I was a grad student, I would spend 1.5-2 hours per day making dinner. If we were having friends over I’d start pre-making things a week in advance. I loved every minute of it.

I was a bit of a know-it-all back then (still am!). When people told me that they didn’t have time to cook I thought they just didn’t love it enough. If they loved it they’d find time for it, right?

Then we had our son J and I kept trying to make all these elaborate perfect meals. I managed o.k. but it was a busy time especially because my husband traveled a lot for work. I started this blog despite the hectic days. I think I was trying to prove that you could have a family and a life and still spend tons of time in the kitchen. I was holding onto that. Tightly.

After awhile the blog started to do well and I even got some clients who wanted me to develop recipes and do food photography for their brands. And then we had another baby, Em. There I was with a busy husband, two small kids, a blog and a burgeoning small business. Let’s just say we started buying rotisserie chickens and ordering pizzas.

You see, somehow even with this food blog and all those recipe development clients, I had no idea how to cook simply for my family. When I was making dinner I still went full-out; I made complicated perfect homemade meals every time I got into the kitchen. But I no longer had the time. I needed to change how I was doing things. I took a deep breath and decided to let go of the complicated and the perfect.

I knew that I needed to spend less time cooking but I was afraid that the food wouldn’t be as good or that I wouldn’t love cooking as much. I had to stay true to my inner cook and continue to make delicious homemade food. I just had to do it more simply and more quickly.